Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Orient and the African

An Orient and an African met up during their university days in London. After graduating, they returned to their respective countries and, five years later, the Oriental invited his African friend to visit. The African was amazed - his friend from their days as poor students lived in a beautiful house and had a Mercedes parked in his driveway. He asked how this could have happened in such a short time. The Oriental pointed out the window, saying "See that motorway over there?" when the African nodded, his friend proudly tapped his chest, winked and said "10 per cent".

A couple of years later, the roles were reversed and the Oriental visited with his friend in Africa. To his astonishment, his friend now lived in a virtual palace with a fleet of Rolls Royces at his disposal. "How have you accomplished so much in just two years?" he asked. The African said "See that motorway out there?" The Oriental looked and said "What motorway?" The African winked, tapped his chest and said "One hundred per cent".

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