Friday, March 7, 2008

Tgi Friday

This week has been rather eventful…… and so has every other week. My days are now officially divided into three parts; eight work hours starting at 8, followed by 3 hours in class and thereafter 3 or 4 hours of chilling with friends so you can calculate how long my days are. Yesterday was particularly interesting since after trying to watch a game of football with a bunch of hyperactive Italian guys until my workmate Lisa rushed to my rescue at 11.00 pm with a grand suggestion of joining other friends for a salsa night. The salsa bar/club was practically empty and I couldn’t help but feel sorry for the band members. Other than the lack of a crowd, we were engrossed in our own tête-à-tête and we hardly noticed when the band stopped playing until a waiter walked up to us to inform us they were closing down. Thereafter I had to meet a friend at 1.00 a.m and was at home by 2.30 pm.

So anyhow as usual I have nothing planned, save for the girls night out tonight which of course will change by midnight.

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